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Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian features QR codes that direct readers with smart phones to great activities online. Below are links to access those activities from your computer.

Museum Dos & Don'ts
p. 5, Awesome Adventures at the Smithsonian: The Official Kids Guide to the Smithsonian website

National Air and Space Museum
p. 10, How Things Fly Gallery
p. 12, Create Your Own Paper Airplane
p. 15, Pack for an Adventurous Flight, Fly Around the World, Design an Air Racer, and Meet More Trailblazers
p. 16, Fly the Mail
p. 17, At Your Service: Inside a DC7
p. 17, Baggage Claim
p. 18, 10 Cool Things about the SR-71 Blackbird
p. 20, Pioneers of Flight Gallery: Tuskagee Airmen
p. 24, Calculate Your Weight on Other Planets
p. 25, Apollo 11 Command Module
p. 25, Saturn V: America's Moon Rocket
p. 26, Learn More about Sputnik and Explorer 1
p. 29, Apollo Mission
p. 36, Space Shuttle
p. 39, Hubble: Hand-Held Telescope Model
p. 43, NASA: Space Shuttle
p. 45, Wrap-Up: What's New

National Museum of Natural History
p. 56, Explore the Hall of Mammals
p. 63, Learn What It Means To Be Human
p. 71, Explore the Dynamic Earth
p. 72, The Dynamic Earth: Why the Hope Diamond Glows
p. 81, Insect Identification Guide
p. 85, Wrap-Up: What's New

National Museum of American History
p. 98, Star-Spangled Banner
p. 100, President for a Day
p. 104, First Ladies
p. 106, First Ladies' Gowns
p. 109, Pets in the White House
p. 110, Americans at War
p. 113, Pointers on Interviewing a Veteran
p. 120, American Stories
p. 125, Wrap-Up: What's New

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